10 things I love about pumping breastmilk

By | February 19, 2009

Provide breastmilk to your little one. After all this one point by itself outweighs all the things we hate about pumping. So actually this doesn’t count. Here is a list of 10 highlights of our pumping sessions.

1. Getting out a clog after two days of massaging, hot water and all the treatments you can think of for getting the damned clog out

2. Looking in admiration at your slight increase in milk supply again after the clog is out

3. How the sound of the pump can magically put your baby into sleep

4. Dropping a pumping session after days of planning and risk calculation, and actually observing how your milk supply increases after the session is dropped

5. Setting short-term goals and milestones and reaching them

6. Getting your husband to feed the baby

7. Others admiring you for your hard work and dedication

8. Getting more milk than your baby drinks and watching your freezer stash grow

9. Having sometime to yourself while you pump and browse the internet

10. Connecting with people who are going through the same things. From all the forums in the world you never thought you would join an ‘exclusively pumping’ one. After all, before all this you have asked exclusively pumping what?

4 thoughts on “10 things I love about pumping breastmilk

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  2. Five months pumping

    Can’t scared more to the list. I have been expressing for 5 months now and feeling very proud. Knowing I have given my daughter the best start in life I could physically achieve. She has her first cold and I hope it will not last too long.

  3. Sara

    Losing weight while pumping longterm. I’m almost 3 months postpartum and I have lost nearly 60 lbs! About 5 lbs to go until I reach my pre-pregnancy weight! I don’t think I could have lost this much had I not pumped.

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