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Preparation for birth: Will I be able to breastfeed?

Yes. That was my answer to this question. After all, my friends who had babies were able to breastfeed without any major issues. It’s a natural act, I thought. I might not know exactly what to do, but the baby will, right? Wrong! Breastfeeding is not something that comes naturally. It’s a skill that has […]

Will I be able to breastfeed the second time?

So breastfeeding did not work for me first time round no matter what I did or tried. At some point I gave up and resorted to full time pumping which was hell as any mother who has exclusively pumped knows, but it worked. Of course to get my supply up, it required constant pumping, tears […]

To pump or Not to pump

How do you know if pumping is for you. Here are a list of reasons why you would want to look into pumping: 1. You have problems breastfeeding. Baby has latch on issues that don’t seem to be resolved. Baby not extracting enough milk 2. You can breastfeed, but you want to increase your milk […]

Tips to reduce chances of mastitis

If you are prone to mastitis, the general concession seems to be that nipples should always be kept wet. At least this is what I was told at the hospital. If they are slightly wounded and you let the milk dry up, you create a trap for bacteria. 1. Use special compresses for the nipples. […]

10 things I love about pumping breastmilk

Provide breastmilk to your little one. After all this one point by itself outweighs all the things we hate about pumping. So actually this doesn’t count. Here is a list of 10 highlights of our pumping sessions. 1. Getting out a clog after two days of massaging, hot water and all the treatments you can […]

14 things I hate about pumping breastmilk

Pumping breastmilk for your little one is easier said than done. There is lots of hard work and dedication that goes with that. I thought it would be good to provide a list of the top 10 things I hated about pumping.  It ended up to be 14 and I am sure I could easily extend […]