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Your 1 Stop Guide to Exclusively Pumping

The first few weeks with a new baby can be very overwhelming especially when breastfeeding is not going as you had hoped. In this book I share with you my own experiences as well as all the information I researched and put together in order to provide a complete guide not just about the act of pumping but also all the other things that come with it such as

  • basis for milk production
  • what pump and accessories make your life easier
  • how to store your milk
  • pumping schedule
  • how to increase your milk supply
  • and many more tips on how to make your pumping life easier

Starting off correctly is vital to your long-term success in pumping and providing the best start for your baby. My ebook guides you through your first weeks and provides a lot of information which I really wished I had myself when I started pumping

What is included

The book has over a 100 pages. Click on the images below to view the table of contents






and here are a few sample pages

Samplepage_4 Samplepage_3 Samplepage_2 Samplepage_1



Who is it for?

Exclusively pumping: Everything you need to know, is for anyone who is exclusively pumping, mothers who have problems breastfeeding, mothers returning to work or mothers who wish to partly pump. The ebook really saves you a lot of time researching and looking for information in different places. It is really your 1 stop guide. It has it all in one place!

If you’re not satisfied with the ebook after 30 days, just let me know and I’ll refund your money—I have put a lot of work into this ebook (in fact it took me many years) and I’m confident that it will make a valuable impact on your pumping experience


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