How to get your pumps in and have an uninterrupted pumping session

By | April 9, 2009

Best would be to stick to schedule and space your pumps evenly. However with a tiny demanding baby this is easier said than done. If you see yourself struggling and stressing to stick to schedule then make your pumps flexible. Remember being stressed out about your pumping will probably have a negative impact on your milk supply so if you find yourself stressed out just create for yourself a flexible pumping schedule.

Try to get at least 8 pumps in 24 hours. If you for example start the day pumping every three hours, then try to do every two hours as it gets later in the day. Just track the time you pump and then add two to three hours to that for your next pump. If it helps you, write a reminder and post it up somewhere within sight.

If you are alone with your little one and want to make sure that you can have an undisturbed pumping session you can try some of the following:

1. Invest in a baby swing.
This really seems to help distract your little one while you pump

2. Try to get some pumps in when your baby is sleeping.
If you think he’ll wake up during your pump put him to sleep beside you and keep a pacifier nearby. For my son’s morning naps I used to put him beside me so that if he woke up I could give him the pacifier.

3. If your pumping schedule collides with your baby’s eating schedule, then try and feed your little one right before you pump.
That way they are more settled and are likely to be sitting contented in their swings. At least for most of your pumping session. Some pumping moms manage to feed their babies while pumping. This works well with a hands free bra. You can then help burp your baby by sitting them on your lap.

4. If your baby’s cries are escalating while you are pumping it is no problem to stop the pump and tend of your baby and once she is calm resume pumping.
If you are almost done then you can just pump longer at your next pump. If you have just started and you can get ten minutes worth of pumping then you should as it can get really ugly and drippy if you want to move about. You can treat is as a power pump. You can also play with your baby if you have a hands free bra. Read more on how to make pumping easier.

Remember it does get easier with time as the little one gets older and can be easily entertained and your pumping sessions are reduced.

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